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The Queen's Awards For Enterprise - 2021 Winners

The winners for the 2021 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise have now been announced. These Awards are with out doubt, the UK’s most prestigious business awards.
The theme for the awards for this year has been to promoting opportunity in business through social mobility.
The winners are across multiple categories, and in a challenging year, the winners have now been announced: –
The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise go by many names: The Queen’s New Year Awards, The Queen’s Excellence Awards or the Queen’s Science Awards. They are an initiative by the Queen in 2021 to recognise those companies that have helped to shape and improve the UK economy. The Awards, now celebrating its 10th year, is one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching corporate awards programs in the world.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the ultimate accolade for outstanding achievement by UK businesses. They are formally announced in a special supplement each June, to recognise and reward those companies that have helped to shape and improve the UK economy. This is a vital sector and one that is under-recognised and under-valued by the UK government, its agencies and industries. The Queen’s Awards not only celebrate but also award, to those corporations, organisations and individual entrepreneurs and executives, who have made a significant contribution to improving the UK’s economic performance.

The process of selecting the winners, judging the achievement and presenting them to the monarch and her husband the king can sometimes be fraught with problems. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise recognises the important role that a company plays in the wider economic interests of the nation state. The corporation needs to have a substantial long-term impact on its industry and the wider economy. The corporation needs to be able to demonstrate a long term commitment to improving the profitability of its operation as well as an ongoing commitment to environmental excellence and social responsibility.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise recognises a company or individual’s achievement through four broad steps. The company has to have provided a significant contribution to improving the UK’s performance in the international market place, by identifying opportunities and devising appropriate strategies. The firm must have successfully implemented and sustained these strategies. The firm must have continued to implement its strategies in view of new opportunities as well as implementing changes if necessary to remain competitive. It should be possible to trace the history and development of the firm and its approach to management and ownership since it began.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise recognise extraordinary companies and individuals, demonstrating the ultimate dedication to service and outstanding performance. The company needs to demonstrate an incredible commitment to research and development. The company has to demonstrate an impressive portfolio of projects in a number of different sectors. The firm must have established a long term sustainable commitment to maintaining a strong scientific reputation. The company has to be extremely proud of its achievements and have a large degree of global recognition.

The awards recognise the companies and individuals that have made an enormous contribution to UK and international trade. They represent an enormous range of sectors and businesses, including the creative industry, information technology, construction, aerospace, engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, tourism, media, tourism and banking. The recipients of the Queen’s Awards for enterprise have shown an enormous commitment to research, development and innovation. Their achievements have changed how we live and work.

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