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Safcoin, Africa's innovative crypto set for massive Launchpad as the ingenious coin goes international.

Safcoin Africa


Safcoin set for two international exchanges. Providing solutions in Africa. Africa’s very own crypto, set to go live on P2PB2B and Catex crypto exchanges.


Cape Town, Western Cape May 18, 2021 (Issuewire.com) –  Safcoin set for IEO in two international exchanges for first-time listing, ever.

– Safcoin to provide solutions to digital payment in Africa.
– Safcoin, Africa’s very own cryptocurrency, is set to go live on P2PB2B crypto exchange and Catex crypto exchange.
– It will become the first-ever African Pow Scrypt Algorithm cryptocurrency to be listed on international exchanges.

Safcoin, Africa’s very own cryptocurrency, is to be listed in several international exchanges.
The token would go live between Wednesday, May 26 – Wednesday, June 2, according to a Press release signed by the firm’s CEO, Neil Ferreira. P2PB2B is a crypto-asset exchange located in the United Kingdom, with a trading volume of $603.61-million over the last 24-hours at the time of writing.

Catex, on the other hand, is a crypto-asset exchange located in China, boasting a trading volume of $137.43-million per day.

News of the igneous Africa Safcoin launching on two global exchanges comes against the backdrop of the firm being named in the Top 140 Fintech to watch by Baobab insight.

Safcoin was named one of the top fintech to watch among many other reputable Fintech startups.

Safcoin plans in Africa
The firm looks to tap into the recent African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), which came into effect in January 2021, to boost trade and crypto adoption in the Africa e-commerce sector.

Users would be able to shop (buy and sell) and pay for goods across the continent with Safcoin and Bitcoin on the crypto valley, Safcoin’s e-commerce market where users can shop for a variety of products.

According to Ferreira, the duo of crypto and e-commerce would go a long way in providing a solution to digital payment in Africa, especially in the wake of the AFCFTA.

“Cryptovalley.Africa taps into many ways in which crypto positively impacts Africa,” he said. “Combining crypto and e-commerce is a very powerful duo, a solution to so many problems in the digital payment environment across Africa.”

“More shoppers are now able to support local African sellers in neighboring African countries with cross-border payments being secure and instant using the Safcoin mobile wallet.”
Safcoin stresses that with enhanced decentralization, people’s trust in cryptocurrency will also increase. Data statistics and analysis suggests that crypto adoption in Africa is the second highest. Crypto makes sending transactions overseas and making payments a lot easier for them. Safcoin with their upcoming IEO and exchange listing plan to bolster Africa’s crypto adoption.

Sellers on the platform would also be able to make fiat cashout in local currencies available in Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda.

Fiat conversion for the coin will be available in 33 African countries by the end of 2021.

Safcoin is Africa’s pride.
Africa’s very first POW Scrypt coin founded in South Africa in 2018.
Built on its own Blockchain mainnet. There will only be 10M SAF ever to be mined.
With Safcoin ecosystem Ecommerce use-cases already integrated, Safcoin looks set to make Africa proud.

The Problem
Africans and the rest of the world have been largely excluded from participating in commerce together with the global economy due to the following:

Lack of international payment options for Africans to tap into worldwide trade
Ever-depreciating and volatile local FIAT currencies
Limited access to tools for self-empowerment and entrepreneurial development for locals
Lack of use of formal banking systems and payment method constraints within the African context
Financial Bottlenecks and high financial intermediary fees
Unique Afro-centric issues include financial instability and unemployment owing to fledgling economies, and stunted access to global business opportunities
Few opportunities to market African talent and business abroad, with little tools available to directly support local business and talent growth and development.
Lack of use options for mass cryptocurrency adoption in Africa and day-to-day crypto use.

The Solution

The SAFCOIN cryptocurrency has been created to:

Serve as an instrument to bridge payment and trade between international and local economies, whilst simultaneously encouraging international users to regularly utilize African talent and support small to medium businesses.

The SAFCOIN platforms network includes:
SAFCOIN Mobile Wallet
SAFPay Crypto Payment Gateway
CryptoValley.Africa multi-vendor online shopping platform
MobiJobs.Africa – a crypto payment-accepting Gig platform, to find and hire local freelance talent.
SAFCOIN Crypto Rewards encourages worldwide use of the platforms within the SAFCOIN Eco-system which in turn adds value for international users by earning rewards. This has the benefit of growth in value and can be traded or exchanged for other local goods and services.

We make it easier for international users to use their crypto and transact easily with Africans, by accepting popular cryptos and encouraging crypto as the ideal payment method for easy day-to-day use.

Locally, users can support local SAFCOIN merchants in their communities by spending their international earnings and further promote local economic growth and wealth distribution, while simultaneously tapping into new ways of generating income and aid personal financial growth.

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Twitter: @Safcoin1
WhitePaper: https://www.safcoin.africa/SAFCOINWhitepaper2.0.pdf

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