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Online Criminals Target Business Using Elaborate Identity Theft Methods

Identity theft can cause huge monetary losses to businesses. Most business owners are unaware of the risks they are facing. Most of the time criminals operate their criminal activities from their homes, so businesses need to take special measures to protect themselves from these burglars.

There are a number of ways that online thieves target businesses. One of the popular methods is through credit card fraud. Criminals can use stolen credit cards to make purchases and to withdraw cash from ATMs. Most business owners do not check their credit card statements closely, so they do not know if there have been any unauthorized transactions.

In today’s economy, more businesses than ever are using online services to communicate with customers and to conduct transactions. Unfortunately, this has also increased the number of people who try to access websites of business owners without authorization. This is where identity theft can really create a problem for businesses. It can allow cyber criminals to access your personal information and your business secrets, which can lead to financial loss and damage to your business reputation.

Other popular methods include phone fraud. Cyber criminals use secret numbers to make calls to businesses and to request information from them. They usually attach these numbers to the call themselves, or make it look like they are calling from a legitimate business. The caller will hang up when the business answers the phone, so the business operator won’t realize that the number they are calling belongs to a criminal. When employees answer the phone and the caller identifies himself as a representative of the bank, this is often times an automatic warning for the employee that he is being scammed.

Emails are another favorite for cyber criminals. They use forged emails, phishing scams and viruses to try and gain access to businesses online. They use words or phrases that appear to be legitimate when responding to emails. Cyber criminals even disguise their email messages to look more trustworthy.

If you own your own business online, you are encouraged to take all precautions to prevent cyber criminals from stealing your customers’ information and committing fraud. This includes using firewalls and other online security programs, monitoring your website, and using the passwords and social security numbers correctly. You should also perform routine checks to make sure that anyone using your business address has permission to do business online. While it’s easy for some people to trust in online email and customer reviews, the information stored in your database is not always safe.

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