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About Us

The Voice, a media house, was established in September 2020 in San Jose, California. We are a team of business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, media specialists, and digital marketing professionals with a single passion for connecting our audience to the most reliable business news and publications. Albeit less than a year old, we have established ourselves as the go-to company for all business-related news.

Our specialty is beyond reporting news. We also conduct regular research, journalistic reporting, exclusive interviews, and whitepapers on different business-related topics. In less than a year, we have consistently reported news around the business niche around the world.

Our online presence and reach is impressive and we are keen on becoming the most diverse media house in the United States. Our passion for diversity and inclusion is visible in our team—a powerhouse of people from different races, gender, and physical abilities. We do not only preach diversity; we practice it meticulously.

We have made our website easily accessible. We also have a ‘Pay as You Go’ offer for online publications, media houses, content creators, and businesses. With our ‘Pay as You Go’ feature, you can enjoy the benefits from powerful high profile location publication.

We are certain you will benefit from working with us where you can reach more audiences by advertising with us and our partners.

The Voice